Ralph & Vanellope

Has the meet and greet with Ralph and Vanellope at Imagination Pavillion had any changes with the Epcot reorganization? I don’t see times listed for December yet, but I think it’s just too far out.

My kids are currently obsessed with the Ralph movies, so I don’t want to bring up meeting them until I’m sure it will happen!

We are hoping to do this in February so I’m following for all information. It’s one of the attractions not listed in Touring Plans wait times, I believe.

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Ralph and Vanellope were not affected by the Epcot re-org! (This sounds like a work email.) Since they meet in the Imagination Pavillion they were safe. It was all of the Innoventions buildings that they are closing.

I’ll be happy to report back more specifics in two weeks as we are literally rope dropping these two! Can’t wait!

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Thanks in advance for any updates you can provide. They will be SO excited to meet them if we can; hope you guys enjoy, too!

Very Respectfully Yours,
Head of Family Disney Planning

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According to easywdw.com as of Monday - 10/07/19 they are both still meeting at ImageWorks.

This is one of my family’s favorite character meetings - even my DW who hates meeting characters enjoyed Ralph!

Photo date 2013 , but it still one of my favs!


Great picture and thanks for the info! I love the setting they put them in, too.

The new setting is even better IMHO since they now “Come out of the Internet” through that lighted hall entrance.

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