Rainy days at universal?

Hi all. It looks like our 4 day trip to Universal Orlando will be rainy for at least 3 out of the 4 days which really sucks. I feel somewhat gutted as we paid a lot for this trip. Any ideas or tips to make the experience not as bad. We’ll be staying at HRH and have EP.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

A LOT of the stuff at UO is indoors, so rain shouldn’t be a problem…just poncho up and make the best of it. Make sure you bring/wear clothes that dry quick (that is, avoid cotton underwear!) so when you do get wet, you won’t feel miserable. :slight_smile:

We were at Universal one year when a Tropical Storm blew over. We ended up taking a day off from the parks and tacking on an extra day at the end so we could weather the storm (literally) from our condo. It made the trip memorable, for sure…and don’t regret it. Part of the day before, though, we were in the rain.


May seem silly but make sure you bring dry socks in you bag!

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When I asked about this on this forum sometime in Nov someone posted their pics of WWOHP in the rain. It was beautiful! And few people around. Maybe there will be a silver lining. For us the rain mostly happened at night and then the next day my kids’ robes were dragging on the ground getting wet, then getting their socks wet.

I wouldn’t panic about it just yet. The weather changes so drastically, that my first trip was supposed to be rainy everyday and in the end only rained for about 3 hours one day. If it does rain, it will clear the parks out a lot and you will have fewer people to contend with iand you can still have an amazing time. On my trip last year, the rain cleared a lot of people out of Diagon Alley and my family and I were able to wander around and enjoy everything with virtually no one else there. The rain eventually stopped, but the people stayed gone.

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That picture of you in front of the dragon is amazing. When we were there on CL 2 days, that street was so crowded you could barely walk through because so people would just stand there, phones ready to get the photo op. It was annoying. But you have the street all to yourselves, it seems!

Thanks for the replies! Still keeping my fingers crossed

It is VERY annoying when that happens! I use these pictures all the time to try and show people the upside of rain. I just wish the picture wasn’t so blurry.

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