Rainy day

We are headed out next week. (AZ spring Break) Forecast calls for 90% chance of rain on Tuesday! That was our planned DCA day. (We have 1 park per day and Monday is reserved for DL.) Should I switch our park days? I know rain helps make lines a little shorter, but there seem to be more rides at DCA that will close due to rain or are outdoors. We are willing to get wet - just want to make the most of my kids first time (and mine to DCA) trip.

Thank you in advance! I love this site, btw.

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I’ll also be at DLR both of those days. :slightly_smiling_face: (I’m going to CA for a family wedding on Saturday). I hope Tuesday doesn’t end up being as wet at they predict, but I have my poncho packed!

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At DCA, the rides that are most likely to close in heavy rain and lightning are:

  • Incredicoaster
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Mater
  • Luigi’s
  • Other outdoor rides depending on how bad it is

At DL:

  • Matterhorn
  • Teacups

If the rain is literally all day long, I might switch cause you don’t want to miss RSR or Incredicoaster (assuming you like thrill rides). But if there will be periods with no rain, or if the rain is light, you might be ok either way.

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Additionally in DL alice will close in the rain and we have found that in extreme rain, TSM will close in DCA (someone explained why to me, but I cannot remember the details other than if there is flooding it affects the mechanisms of the ride). I would personally switch my days just incase.

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Yes, I would recommend switching. We had 5 day park hoppers and had 2 half days of heavy rain. DCA was great for staying dry, but only for half a day and on lower priority activities (walked on Monsters inc, guardians, then spent a long morning doing turtle talk, animation academy, Anna aNd Elsa meet and greet). Luckily for us, the sun came out and we spent most of the afternoon enjoying low crowds at DCA.

Had it kept raining though, or we were only doing one day at DCA, it would not have been ideal. We had wanted to go on all of our favourites at DCA again on our last afternoon, but it started raining and rides kept intermittently closing…got soaked running over to RSR a few times, only to have it reclose. Ended up with lots of any time FP’s at DCA, but nowhere to use them. Rode toy story multiple times and soarin on the way out, but the afternoon was a bust. Moved to DL and found a lot more to do for the rest of the day.

Best of luck. Hopefully no matter which park you end up at, it ends up being only part of the day…that’s actually a best case scenario in some ways, and we found the parks super empty on a sunny afternoon while it rained all morning.

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Thank you so much! We have decided to switch. Tuesday is up to 90% rain all day - so ya. I am scrambling to rework my plans (they were so beautiful!) becuase of Magic Morning changing MaxPass Wait times. I am almost done, and happy with the decision to change. I want the kids to experience as much as they can the first time - and not a huge disappointment.


Sounds like a good plan. Don’t throw out the original TP though…forecast could change. I had similar weather concerns and someone on this site told me about the MyRadar app as being the most accurate forecast and real-time weather. It was amazing that I could look at the radar and the apps indication of when rain was going to stop and start and it was bang on. Used that app to plan our movements during rain.

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cool, thank you!