Rainy day at MK

So looks like our first day at MK has a 50-80% chance of rain/thunderstorms all day. I had planned to RD Adventureland and the FOF parade in the afternoon, but that plan may be out window. What are your go to rides for an full day of MK touring in the rain?

Pirates, Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Carousel of Progress, & Laugh Floor are great places to wait out a quick shower. Otherwise, poncho up and enjoy an empty park.


So one thing about FL weather - rain forecasts are not necessarily all day. It does happen, but it’s just as likely (if not more so) that it will be intermittent.

If it’s raining, anything indoors will do. Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Country Bears, the Tiki Room, Hall of the President’s, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan’s Flight, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Pooh, Little Mermaid ride, Monstors Inc Laugh Floor, Buzz Light-year Space Ranger Spin, Carousel of Progress, and any of the meet and greets. When the rain let’s up, go for the outdoor attractions.

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We had some rain our first day, in the morning. We rode 7dmt in the rain, which was fun. The indoor rides had longer lines and the outdoor rides had very short ones. So if you poncho up or don’t mind being wet, then enjoy the short lines. I’ve never seen it, as it stopped raining by the afternoon for us, but there is a rainy day parade if FOF is cancelled.

My trip had 50-80% chance of rain every day. It barely rained at all. Remember, there’s still a 20-50% chance of no rain! I think that predicting the weather in Florida is very difficult, so they just throw out some % chance of rain and go home early when doing the forecasting.

Sounds like we’ll be in MK on the same day! I’m hoping the 80% isn’t like 80% here in MN… where it would mean for sure rain, and probably a lot. I’m also wondering what the temperature will do… is 70 and rainy in FL cold… or comfortable? Will we be OK in ponchos or freezing.

Anyway, no help for you, just commiserating with your worry.

We use the Dark Sky app for alerts on when the rain in about to hit, and do indoor stuff then. :slight_smile:

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Plus Space Mountain and Tomorrowland PeopleMover.