Rainforest Café — am I being a snob?

Another dining conundrum. One of my options for dinner at AK is Tiffins, but it’s a bit later than I’d like and I’ve been there before and plan to go again next summer.

There’s not much else on offer. But Rainforest Café has availability at a good time.

But it’s not really Disney, is it? Would it be wrong to go there?

Wrong? No. It’s a fun restaurant with predictable food. I love the atmosphere there. What about Yak and Yeti?

You could also order off the tiffins menu in the lounge if that floats your boat


The best and worst dining thread was a real eye-opener for me, and irrefutable proof that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. But since you asked, here you go.

I’ve never had anything less than a regrettable experience at a Rain Forest Cafe at any location, including the one at AK. If you asked me if I’d rather eat from a street cart selling meat of indeterminate species, or walk across the street and eat at a Rain Forest Cafe, I’ll choose the mystery street-meat every time.

If you’re going to cross an ocean to eat, I say make it worth your while. I’m a big Tiffins fan, anyway. Plus, if you make an ADR and have eaten there before, they’ll put a personalized place card on your table and welcome you back. It’s kind of cool.


I’m a big fan of Nomad Lounge, too.

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I’m too scared to disagree with @paulleewatkins so I’ve booked Tiffins. I’ve made it work with my timings and I really enjoyed it there last time. I like the place card thing! Plus it’ll be a chilled-out end to the day.


Maybe… I have received a personal thank you and a bag of chocolates. I have also received nothing, oh- and twice I have received prints. I love Tiffins and will be returning again my next trip (Lion King tier 1 package) but I don’t think the card is a guarantee .


A couple of rules to live by…Number one, never invite a vampire into your home. It renders you powerless against him. Two, never ask me my opinion. For pretty much the same reason.


We got the place cards the last two times (along with other families who were dining at the same time). Most recently this past February. I hope they don’t make a liar out of me.

We’ve received the prints and the sweets every time. My wife framed three of the prints and hung them in the living room. We’re both fans of the food and the service, but the small gestures like the prints and the place cards go a long way with her.

Omg, it is loud and crazy in RFC (all of them btw). I would certainly eat there over a street cart but I would take some advil first. Food was average chain fare (bit better than QS burgers, chicken strips etc), booze was good, but the lights and noise! We had no ADR and got a walk-in table as we were leaving AK one day. Still, T-rex at DS was way worse. I was asked by DS7 to repeat T Rex but I’m just not sure I can do it (especially if we’d be seated in the igloo thing again). I haven’t been to Tiffins but you have, so you know.

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Couldn’t agree with paulleewatkins more. The place is over rated… That being said, my kids love it.

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I’ve eaten from some pretty good street carts.

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They absolutely knew we are repeat customers. They also seem to know we went a couple of times before Pandora. I actually asked for a different room since I had been in the same one the last few times.

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Same thing happens at Mama Melrose. We get a personalized “Welcome Back” certificate every time. No chocolates though. :rofl: