Rainbow Connection

Does anyone know if the Rainbow Connection light show is still happening at Spaceship Earth? We really want to see it but I wasn’t sure if it ended with Festival of the Arts.

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Oh, good question! I thought it was something new but now that you say it, maybe it was tied to FotA. Hmmmm, anyone?

I hate to say but I thought it was over. I did not stay for the whole loop but I was watching on February 23rd and I did not see the lights on SE that went with the song.

That’s what I feared! But maybe it’s for the best. My parents who will be with us on this trip just had to say goodbye to their dog today and I’m pretty sure we’d all be a mess if we watched Rainbow Connection!


It is possible it was stopped between festivals and regardless it is definitely a great experience to sit on a wall in front of SE and watch the show.


Thanks for sharing! This sounds cool and could be really beautiful, and has the added bonus of not making any members of our family sad thinking about dearly departed pets :joy::sob:


When I read the article the first thing I thought was to share it here! I know you wanted to see the light but were apprehensive about the context. Win-Win!


Does anyone know when the light shows start on space ship earth? I’ve only watched bits from a far and never had the pleasure of hearing the accompanying music.

I’ve never actually seen it mentioned specifically for music… hmmmm

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Huh maybe I misunderstood. For FArts ppl talked about the rainbow connection music with the light show. Maybe there won’t be music with this new show

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Or maybe there will be. There would be some moving music for Pocahontas. Maybe they just aren’t posting a schedule. I didn’t see too too much about the Rainbow for FotA. Did they announce a time for music then?

Nothing that I knew about.

The video in the above link has music.

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Oh thank you. I skimmed the article for show times.

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Read something this morning that suggests they might be simultaneous but still nothing specific. I wish we had a time, like tree of life awakinging does…

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oh… last night I found a link w/ someone live streaming and there is music that accompanies the lights.

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