Rain: what rides impacted

Forecast for some rain and thunderstorms on our upcoming trip. Just wondering if people have a sense of what stays open and what closes for rain (and/or thunderstorms). I read in the book that Jedi Trials is outdoors and doesn’t run in the rain, but what about Slinky Dog? Everest? Kilimanjaro Safaris? Mine Train? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? Other outdoor rides I’m not thinking of?
Thank you!

Test Track for sure

All out door rides shut down during lightning.

We were at HS on the terrible all day rain in January. None of the outdoor show stuff happens - Jedi Training, March of the 1st Order, or the SW stage show. Slinky was running as there was no lighting.

“Rain” rarely closes anything. Lightning, on the other hand, will close most of the outdoor rides, the monorails, and most water transportation.

This is a bit old, but provides a decent list - Rainy Days at Walt Disney World | OrlandoVacation.com

This article/podcast has info about rides that go down (and how to score anytime FPPs because they’re down!)-