Rain in the forecast :(

There is 60% to 40% chance of rain next week during our 3 day visit at Universal (12/22 to 12/24) . Our very first time at the UO and hoping that the forecast changes in our favor ( sunny and warm). But just incase if it does not or gets worst. What shall we do, can we still go on rides? Does park operates regularly and parades/shows happed as scheduled? We have 3 park 3 day park to park. We are flying from Connecticut and only have 3 days in FL so changing dates is not much of an option unless we completely change the plan and cancel /reschedule the trip. Getting nervous and looking for feedback

Indoor rides/shows will be fine. So try and squeeze in outdoor rides like VC, Hagridgs, RRR, Hulk, Hippogriff, Dr Doom, Suess Trolley Train Ride, etc. when it’s not raining. It likely won’t rain all day every day. So look at the hourly forecast and plan your day around the weather.

BTW those rides will operate in some rain, just not lightning/thunder and maybe heavy rains.


PSA, those coasters are painful in the rain! Turns out water droplets hitting you at 60 mph hurts.