Rain Forecast for My Entire Trip

I just checked the weather report by my upcoming trip in less than two weeks. It’s projected to rain everyday. Are you serious? How much stock should I place in these weather reports with still 10 days to go? I know the weather there can change.

In Central Florida, it pretty much rains every day. That doesn’t mean it rains ALL day.


Personally, I say pay 0% attention
beyond today’s forecast (and even then :woman_shrugging: ). Seriously. Especially for Florida.

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This. Tropical climate is tropical climate. It can rain every day and have near to zero impact on you. Often it rains just half an hour or just during the night. Don’t worry about it too much. But it IS a tropical climate so it is also likely that there will have 1-2 longer/heavier periods of rain so bring rain gear and enjoy the shorter queues during the rain while everyone else is hiding… :wink:

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I generally don’t give it much stock. However, I wish I had for my last trip. My rain jacket did nothing except keep my torso dry. I was soaked from the waist down.

Do you have reasonable access to a place like Dick’s Sporting Goods or a camping/outdoor store? For $30-50 per person you can buy yourself some lightweight rain gear to take with you. Don’t forget rain pants. Bring newspaper to put in your wet shoes. Bring several pairs of shoes - at least 2 pairs.

Where are you looking? AccuWeather, Met office and weather.com have one or two wet days at most.
Statistically anything past five days forecast is little better than a guess. From what people say here for Florida one day might be best.
Apparently for same day hour by hour forecasts the Dark Sky app is very accurate.

Be prepared but don’t worry. It was supposed to rain for many days on our trip and was only sprinkled on once. But I made sure to bring our ponchos otherwise it would have poured :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I relied heavily on accuweather’s 120-minute precipitation forecast on their app. It was pretty accurate and allowed us to plan rain time well.

You’ll be fine and still have a great time! Rain was predicted every day for our May 2018 trip and our first day it started absolutely POURING rain when we were waiting to get into Epcot. It rained that entire day but we put our ponchos on and had a blast! We actually barely experienced rain the rest of the week (despite the forecast) other than a short spurt of pouring rain while we were sitting on the Peoplemover without our ponchos.

I never even look at the weather report in preparation. I assume it will rain once every day…and look at the weather the morning the day of. Although, the tornado watches during Fantasmic last trip were a total surprise for everyone!

Weather changes from day to day. I look at the upcoming weather for when I;m heading to WDW, however, I do not give it a lot of stock or worry about it. I live in the middle of Kansas and after moving here from Pennsylvania, one thing I’ve heard is “Give it 15 minutes and it will change” Now does it always change, no, but I can tell you that weather here does change. I work road construction and I do look at the weather as it can affect if I will be working or not, and in the summer, how hot it says it will get. In the time I’ve done this, I’ve watched what was predicted for 3 days, change each day, and even things predicted for the next day, completely change.
My advice, relax, be prepared for rain but know that weather changes. Another thing, rain can be a big bonus for you because you will get people that will leave the park or go inside and wait. I say use that time to enjoy yourself.

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