Rain?!?! Cancellation of night time shows

Coming from Canada, I’ve read it often rains in Florida and checking the 14 day forecast there is some rain in my future Disney trip. My concern is there are 5 nighttime shows (2 in HWS, Rivers of Light, Illuminations, HEA) we are hoping to do them all in 6 days and have no margin for error if one gets cancelled…how often do they cancel?

Unless it suggests 100% chance of rain, anything else is just FL being FL and is not worth worrying about.

For shows with fireworks, they eventually will go off. Once the fireworks are set up, it is safer to run them than to try to dismantle it.

For ROL I can’t say.

It rained on my MNSSHP night. The fireworks were delayed until things cleared up a bit, but they eventually got going. Same for the parade that night. They waited until the storm was five miles away or something and then they started it. Everything was late, but it happened.

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I once had a cast member tell me that Disney won’t cancel a fireworks show on account of rain, but they’ll shut it down for lightning. My (relatively limited) observations have been consistent with that. Personally, I’m a big fan of WDW in the rain. Just be sure to take an extra pair of shoes. I’m not a big fan of walking in yesterday’s wet shoes.

Also, don’t worry too much about the rain. We were there 2 weeks ago and leading up to and including the morning of, it said 70% chance of rain for 2 days. We didn’t get a drop. You can’t always trust the weather predictions in Florida.

Rain is GENERALLY short lived in Florida. My parents live about an hour north of Orlando, and they get rain pretty much daily, but it is often only for an hour.

Of course, there are exceptions. We were there several years ago while a Tropical Storm passed over the state (it was the year we first went to Universal Studios). Once it started raining then, it never stopped for almost 2 whole days. We found a Redbox and rented movies and watched them from our rental condo. Going to the parks was a wash. (Pun intended.) But that is a rarity.

The only night show I’ve had cancelled due to “inclement weather” is F! Since there are actors on stage they really take safety seriously. The rest have been delayed but eventually happen. Poncho up and enjoy even a rainy day! I once rode EE in the rain three times in a row. It’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done. And no wait! No-one was as mad as me apparently. You can’t do anything about the weather (although in Orlando it’s just a brief monsoon type rain - as previously mentioned) so just enjoy the shows you do get to watch!