Railroad Strategy

Would it make sense, time-wise, to use the WDW Railroad from Main Street to Fantasyland on a CL 10 morning (Dec. 30th)? There are morning EMH, but we are staying offsite and plan to arrive for regular park opening. Plan to ride Barnstormer, Dumbo, and Tea Cups before Tomorrowland Speedway and Buzz FPP. Traveling with 4 yr. old nephew so the railroad is a must-do, but wondering if it makes sense at park opening or would we be better off walking in the morning and riding at some other time of day.

Railroad takes a long time! You will definitely waste time IMO doing this at RD. Better to walk to Fantasyland and take the railroad later in the day.

I’d walk. Can you rearrange your days so that you aren’t going on an AM EMH day? Lines will already have been building for an hour. If you can switch to a non AM EMH day, you’ll be staying with everyone else and can be at the front of the lines