Railroad from Fantasyland to Main St before fireworks

The last 2 trips I took the railroad was closed for refurbishment so I have never been on it.

This year it is open. On our MK night we are going to be in Tomorrowland at the end of the night as we were the last two times we were in MK before the fireworks. My thought for this trip is instead of fighting our way from Tomorrowland to Main St. it would be better to take the train from Fantasyland to Main St. and work our way up Main St for a good spot and if none are available we are ok with watching from TTC.

Does anybody else do this? Thoughts?

I believe it stops running at 8:00. At least it did when we were there

A great spot for viewing the fireworks is the platform underneath the station though. Saves carrying your kids !

Yep, looking at this week’s Times Guide, when HEA is at 9:00 the railroad closes at 8:00.