Raglan Road or Homecoming lots of questions!

Hi everyone,
I booked AKL with the intent of spending most of our downtime there relaxing. Now my Dad has requested Ragan Road or Homecomin’ any suggestions would be much appreciated! There are 4 of us DD10, myself and my parents 70’s one with health and mobility issues. This is kind of a do-over for them because trip had to be cancelled last year. They can’t do any rides and initially only wanted Tutto Italia and Epcot. They also only wanted 1 night now are booked for 2😀Once they warm up to an idea they get more enthusiastic!!!

The concerns are my DD really just wants to relax and swim and my Dad will need to rest. I’m concerned about him taking multiple bus rides which is why we have scheduled Epcot in one long stretch. MK is just DD and I with a long break mid-day to spend time with them at AKL before they leave.

We arrive on Sunday around 11. Sanaa at 5pm. Plan is all of us Epcot (9-3pm)on Monday with Tutto Italia at 12:30 and MK for DD10 and I on Tuesday (9-12 then 6-10 with BOG PPO at 8 and HEA dessert before fireworks party).

Raglan Road would make the most sense on Sunday but it is booked all day (I have reservation finder working on it).

My questions are:

  1. Is it worth the time and effort to go during our break from MK?
    2.Would you change the Epcot plan and schedule a long mid-day break to have lunch in DS? My Dad would not be able to tour during the day, go back to hotel and go back out again. DD and I could go to Epcot in the morning then meet them at DS and all go back to Epcot together and change Tutto Italia to dinner.
  2. If we can’t get RR on Sunday should we go to Homegoin’ on Sunday? My Dad loves southern food and we don’t get much of it in New England!

So I can’t speak to what is worth your time, but as far as Raglan Road goes, it is pretty standard Irish pub. It can be fun if there is music playing, but unless you live in a rare part of New England without and Irish pub style restaurant, I would go to Homecomin’. Haven’t been but have heard it is delicious.

I’m biased. Raglan Road is great fun and totally delicious! I haven’t been to Homecoming.

Raglan Road also takes reservations on Open Table. You might want to look there as well.

I totally think that Raglan Road is worth going to DS.

All day in Epcot sounds exhausting to me. I’d maybe work a rest into that.

I too will always pick Raglan. I usually book it through Open Table since it has much more flexibility in cancelling and modifying reservations.


Thank you so much! No luck on Open Table either but I’ll keep looking!! Either way Sunday makes the most sense for us. Thanks for letting me talk it through!

What date are you looking for? I am asking since Open Table does not always load out as far as Disney. I have been able to book Raglan last minute through Open Table so it seems weird it is not available.

Just for fun we are looking for St. Patrick’s Day!!! I swear my Dad will be the death of me…he likes to throw out these kind of ideas although the trip has been planned for months!!! It’s ok I just booked Homecomin’ and will stop by Raglan Road just to peek in at the festivities! He is actually really easy to please and will love Homecomin’…he did basic training in the south and still talks about the food 50 years later!

Do you have the reservation finder set? There are a couple of times throughout the year that Raglan is very special (Labor Day weekend is one too). St. Patrick’s Day would be amazing! Keep in mind they are open very late and you can always watch the band playing on the patio.

I do have reservation finder set looking for 2 different times…do you know if they even take reservations that day? It looks like the whole weekend is a festival…I’m going to do a little more investigating…embarrassed to say I didn’t realize it was St. Patrick’s Day until I was having trouble making a reservation!

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That will certainly make a difference! You definitely can watch the band playing on the patio, and pick up some good eats at Cookes of Dublin.


Raglan Road for St Patrick’s would be lots of fun! I am revising my above comment because it’s St Patrick’s! Of course you should go to the Irish place :green_heart:

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Thanks for all your help! Turns out it is $10 cover charge, first come, first serve that weekend. Sounds like a blast! Will go to Homecomin’ then head over to RR to people watch!!!


NH gal here! LOVE LOVE LOVE Homecoming, and on Sundays they have an AMAZING brunch (which I have yet to experience but which friends have and rate it above CG, my personal favorite). We have eaten lunch once and dinner once at Homecoming and I am going back again next month. My mouth waters just thinking about that chicken, and everything else. Bring your appetites and don’t eat all day before you get there LOL. You’re going to roll on home.

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OK this maybe changes my answer. Raglan Road on St Patrick’s Day sounds like perfection. Do that. Catch Homecoming next go.

There is a wall outside of Morimoto’s that you can usually sit on and watch the bands playing on the patio. It most likely will to wall-to-wall with a massive party going on in that area. Enjoy your dinner at Homecoming and then enjoy the party for a while!


This is great intel! Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile:

Thanks so much everyone!! All the sites I’ve checked today make it seem like St. Patrick’s day is an accidental win!!! Made a 4:30 reservation at Homecomin’ and will plan on going early/staying late to just enjoy everything outside at Raglan Road! @PrincipalTinker thanks for the bench tip!! This way my Dad gets some southern cooking and we can celebrate St. Patrick’s day:) thanks again…this site is saving my sanity from both planning and other stuff!

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Not really a bench- look at this picture- do you see the white wall on the right? The runs along the side of Morimoto’s and faces Raglan. There may be benches too, but the wall is solid and the right height.

Ah! Thanks! Perfect for my Dad although with any luck we will convince him to use a wheelchair…78 and stubborn!