Raglan Road for St. Patrick's Day?

Ok - I know. this is like, FOREVER away. I’m working out my which-days-where plans before making hotel reservations.
One (the best?) option is to hit up Disney Springs on 3/17, St Patrick’s Day.
Does anyone have experience with their festival? We’d love to experience it, DH being of Irish heritage, but are probably more crowd-driven than event driven.

I do know that they do not take reservations for St. Patrick ‘s Day.

I don’t even want to imagine what the crowds would be like. I’m of Irish descent, and RR is one of my favorite restaurants in WDW, but there’s no way I would try it on St Patrick’s Day. You have to remember that DS is open to the public and not just to WDW guests; I would assume that it’s packed with locals.

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I loved RR. It was the best restaurant experience of our entire trip- both food and ambience.

Don’t go there on St. Patrick’s Day, you really want to go another day and enjoy it for all it’s worth.

Ok - thanks all for the sanity check. No RR on St Pats. Maybe I should try to rearrange for DS on a different day. The whole place will probably be crowded with green crazies. :slight_smile: Which is fun… but maybe not with our kiddos.

I have gone to other Raglan events. If you wanted to try to get inside after 11pm it is usually possible. The patio most likely would’ve overflowing.