Rafiki's Planet Watch

We have been to AK a few times just me and my hubby. This is our first time going to AK with a little one. We will have our 20 month old with us. Would Rafiki’s Planet Watch along with the petting zoo be something you would highly recommend for a toddler? Thanks!

Probably depends on your kid. My oldest never wanted anything to do with petting zoos at that age. She was to nervous to pet anything. My youngest, however, would chase animals around all day if I let her. I’d use that to make your decision. Rafiki’s does take a little extra time but not just a ton of it. And with what like 3 rides for her at AK you should have time to detour for stuff like that if you want!

One thing to be aware of - Rafiki’s has zero food options so make sure you bring snacks if you think your little one will need them!


Thanks for all that info!

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Last month when I went the petting section was closed for the day. I don’t know if they publish the hours but you might want to look for that info?

Where would you look for that info? The online calendar says 9:30-5 every day through 11/2/19, but so many of those haven’t been updated, I keep wondering if they’re publishing better information elsewhere.