Rafiki's Planet Watch- how much time?

My kids are all under age 6. How much time would you allot in your TP for this, not including the animation class?

Went with my BFF and her family so total we were 4 adults and 5 kids all under 7y.o. We were there at the building for about 30 mins, not including the train ride there/back. We just did conservation station building (the one with the animal hospital), including the wilderness explorers stations on the path there and in the building which was a nice way to explore the exhibits, bathroom break, and met Doc McStuffins. We did not do the petting zoo. Was a nice break from the heat as it’s air conditioned inside. Including train rides and walking time to/from train about 60-75 mins total.

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Thank you so much for the times!

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Was this since it reopened? I’m wondering if Doc is still there.

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There is also an animation academy there now too.

The petting zoo can definitely add a chunk of time too. One time we almost has to drag DD out of there after half an hour. She’d apparently made friends with a goat and didn’t want to leave it… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


No more Doc :frowning:

It’s a tricky one to plan for, because a character might show up that you want to meet, or the kids might just be way more into the petting zoo or the random other stuff in the buildings than you expected. With the same kids I’ve been done in 30-45 minutes (not counting train rides, that’s just the time spend there) but other times it’s been over an hour.

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It depends on what is out there and what interests your kids - under 6 might limit their interest. We have sat and watched the animals in the vet clinic for 1 hr or more - it’s so cool that they explain all the details to the kids and let them see everything going on with exams, scans, minor surgeries,etc. We wander around and talk to people about animal diets, Disney conservation, elephant poop, the importance of bugs. The kids like the petting zoo. If they still have shows like the pig that paints, or the bird show we saw this summer, or snakes, that can eat up time. Oh, and if you are doing Wilderness Explorer, there are several stops. Basically, I let the kids explore at their pace, but it’s not uncommon for us to be out there for a couple of hours - it’s a nice break. If we need to be back for something, I let them know that and we pick activities accordingly.

Thank you all for your feedback. I think I will allow about 2 hours & just try to be flexible if we need more time.

No it was before the closing/reopening. What a shame if Doc isn’t there anymore. She had no line for most of the time we were there - honestly without a line I don’t think people even knew she was there to meet. My son got lots of fun hugs and high fives, he kept just walking up to her because there was no one else and she was so sweet to keep playing with him!