Rafiki planet watch. WHEN is it closing?

I’ve read 3 different dates on different sites. I saw the October 20th, then today i read the 22 and the 12th? Does anyone have the real date?

According to the WDW website, “starting Oct 21st, it will be unavailable to guests”.

If I was planning to be there on the 21st, I wouldn’t expect to see it open. But it would be a bonus if it was!

We are planning on the 21st as well! It would be a bonus. When I tried to add it my touring plans for the 21st it is there. So I wonder?

I was trying to look at fastpasses for that day, there were none for Rafiki, but was there ever? I never looked.

WE are planning to be there on the 21st!!! :rofl: If you see a redheaded woman and a teenage boy hauling @$$ at rope drop toward FOP… say Hello!

I will be there at rope drop as well. I will be with my oldest son who is 36 (balding) I will be on a ecv. So look for me as well. Think I am going to wear green pants and a black shirt. I am getting so excited, we are heading to Navi, got a fop fastpass for later.

I will keep a look out and say HOWDY! :hugs:

Yeah, WDWMagic has the 21st as the last day.

I wonder if the wording of the website is ever so slightly different to the wording of whatever “press release” / confirmation they gave to others. Or plain ambiguous.

I hope you get to do it!

Thank you, Nicky, could be what you said. Guess I’ll find out on Saturday!
Thanks Julie!