Rafiki Planet watch Seasonal Closing?

I read on another board that Rafiki Planet watch is going seasonal and will be closing soon for the winter. Is this a rumor? I cannot find anything on Allears, Touring Plan, Disney websites about this.


I’ve read reports saying it was going seasonal and some that said it was closing permanently as of Oct. 21 (with the permanent closing being the more recent news and I’ve read that in more places). If I look on the MDE app, there are no times listed after Oct 6.


Go figure — the 21st is the day we are going to Animal Kingdom!
Thank you very much DreamLoveLearn

I wonder what they are planning to do with the area!

We’ll be there the week of 10/6, so I guess they’ll be open?

I’m going the same day! I’m seeing conflicting reports of the last day being 10/21 or 10/20 or even earlier. I hope we get to see it…

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Last day is the 20th.

Someone reported that Disney have confirmed this now.

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Well, shoot! :sleepy:

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Ditto :cry:

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