Rafiki Planet Watch closing - last day 20th Oct


Continuing the entertainment cuts for the start of Disney’s fiscal year, Rafiki’s Planet Watch will be going seasonal. The last day will be Sept 29th, no announcements yet as to when it’s seasons will be.

You have to assume the train will stop too, no point in running it to nowhere! And that is likely the biggest cost. It also means the meet and greet will go too, that’s Rafiki and Doc McStuffin.

Again, this was a thread on WDWMagic. Source is reliable though. And WDWMagic will have something on it’s news section as soon as they get it confirmed.

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Darn…another thing to cut from my TP…what am I going to do with all that extra free time ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, thanks for the update. I guess that will make my two days in AK easier to plan, although I was looking forward to taking my girls up there!


Dangit. I just got done added that back into our touring plan. I’ve added it, dripped it, added it back in because I really wanted DSS to see the vet area and goats.

Thanks for the info.


I added the Caring for Giants Tour recently. It’s cheap and one hour long. Lol


Oh great idea ! I’ll check it out !


I was planning on going my last day on my trip last week.
I was tired & hot, so I decided not to go, since I am planning a trip in Dec - sigh.
For me it is really just about the characters :slight_smile: I am a big fan of them & have never seen Rafiki


:frowning: I love this part of AK and our family loves the goats, too. Going to miss this on our trip in November.


My train crazy DS9 is not going to be happy. I think the train at MK will not be running because of the Tron Coaster construction and now this.


My thoughts too. I recently added Rafiki to the TP just so we’d be able to ride a train.


They do offer a Train tour I don’t know much about it you might want to check it out.


My only AK day is scheduled for Sept30th, which is a Sunday. I think it’s bizarre it would finish on a Saturday, so hopefully I will get to ride it? I did not do it last time and was really hoping to try it this time.


Horrible week of cuts. Horrible.


Interesting. After 5 or 6 previous trips to WDW, my wife and I discovered this little gem on our last trip (Dec 2016). I know there is a lot of talk about how children enjoy the train ride and destination, but we senior citizens who are losing our zest for fast rides enjoy it too. Our next trip is the first week of May (2019). I will cross my fingers and leave it on my plan just in case. :slight_smile:


I looked at it a while ago. Unfortunately my sons are too young for it. I think you need to be 13.


What is going on?!? Do you think low summer/early fall crowds are causing this?


The cuts are being driven by the low attendance through the summer. Plus the Fox acquisition probably isn’t helping either.

The new fiscal year starts for Disney on the 1st October, which is why all these entertainment cuts come into effect at the end of this month.

The irony is that they’re cutting the things that make Disney special. How long before we no longer have the Dapper Dans, or the trolley down Main St and the show? Or Casey’s Pianist? Or the water painting around Fantasyland?


True and true. But this has been occurring for some time now. Yet every time Disney has jacked up prices (save for the odd sluggish fiscal quarter) there has been no shortage of people willing to pay up. As long as that remains the case Disney will continue to prioritize access to the intellectual property ahead of (and instead of) the overall experience.


Agreed. It is the small magical moments that really stick with me from our Disney trip and most often those moments are created by dedicated cast members who go out of their way to make our brief interaction memorable.


My kids adored the train and the goats. Somehow we missed Rafiki but I am so glad they got to go on the train—it was my 2 year olds favorite ride.