Race Weekend planning help

Need advice from those who have done Disney races in the past. Signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge with friends for a girls weekend. No parks. Just races, some good food, and relaxation/hopefully warm enough for pool time.

Debating on where to stay. Off vs onsite? Is it a pain to get to the races from off site? If onsite, easier to use buses or rent car and drive to race? Can you walk to the start of both races from the Epcot resorts?

I’m inclined to stay on site at a moderate (most likely POR) with a car but need some more info to discuss with friends. My thoughts are in the bubble for Disney feel and easier access to DS and other resort restaurants, queen beds since we will be sharing, and nice quiet pools and a hot tub.

I highly recommend staying onsite for the Disney races. The buses to and from WWoS for the expo run constantly. I would not want to drive there myself. Take the bus. On the morning of the races you have to be on the bus by 3:30-4:00 am to get to the Start line. You will still need to walk aways from where drop off is, but even further if you drive. There is LOTS of traffic before and after the races and roads are closed. Disney is very organized with all of the races and events and does an awesome job. But, 10,000
people for each race, plus volunteers, plus Cheer squads makes for crowded conditions. Do yourself a big favor and stay onsite.

My DH does the January marathon and always stays on site and uses the buses. He has done many marathons and says Disney is the most well organised one he has ever been to!
Have a great time and good luck!