Qwerty's HS plan - review appreciated

So this is a generic plan where I just selected what I wanted to do off the list.
The list doesn’t offer meeting any Toy Story characters so I don’t even know what to do with it.

Adding in my three FPP and with just asking TP to optimize I actually get every item in, which surprises me. So I guess a worst case scenario is we do everything. I did not include Smuggler’s Run because I just didn’t think we’d have room. And I also skipped SDD because we have FPP for that on our other half day.

Questions include:
Why doesn’t it have me actually rope dropping anything? This seems like a waste.
I have no intention of doing TOT, nor would my mom and three of my daughters. It is in here for my sister and oldest DD. Would that be a good time to take others to meet Toy Story characters?


OK - for fun I added Smuggler’s Run and it still says I can get it all in in a day, though with significant waits.

I do think we can handle waits.

Are there any glaring issues with either of these plans that I am missing?

A few thoughts immediately, then I’ll come back.

Toy Story characters usually have 20-45 min waits. I would rope drop one of them or just expect a long wait. Woody & Bo are the longest waits usually.

I think the TSMM wait is overestimated. If you’ll be at the front of RD then I think you will have more like. 15-20 min wait.

I don’t think anyone knows what waits will be like for MFSR yet once EEMH are done. It’s hard to predict.

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I am not sure why this works(something in the software), but it does- If you start with a1 minute break your rope drop looks more like a rope drop. Some people also say to just put in a break to represent the time of your first thing. I like the first one better. It still starts at the time the park opens, so it allows for a little wiggle room, and I know I did not mess up the time for my first thing.

Also, we will be in EP that day!!


Serious question, may sound silly… When are you planning on peeing / getting a drink of water? Your plan doesn’t allow for any time to stop, except at 11am and 4pm.

Consider adding in a break every 90 minutes - even just 10 minutes. (I prefer 15, but I know that seems crazy to some) If you don’t use they time, you’ll be ahead in your plan / have a cushion.

I’ll have beverages on my stroller
and the day I have to schedule a trip to the bathroom… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m most concerned with how easy it looks to fit it all in. I don’t even need to see VOTLM because we have FPP for our second 1/2 day there.

So you just want to see if you can cram it all in a non-stop march? :wink:

Plan #1 - You arrive 30 minutes late to your 11am Catalina Eddie’s break. However, you do have about 40 minutes of free time that I originally didn’t notice after 3:30pm. This will help as you go through your day and, possibly, get behind. I’d add in at least 10 more minutes for Celebrate w/ Incredibles. Meeting Mona is usually quick, but Mr. & Mrs. Incredible can build a queue.

Plan #2 - You arrive 10 minutes late to Catalina Eddie’s. I’ve never experienced only a 2 minute wait for Darth Vader at SWLB. I don’t see how this would even be possible, unless no one is in queue and they just shove you in / out. I’d make that at least 10 minutes. You are cutting it very close to BatB and arriving only 1 minute before JBJB! starts.

We don’t plan bathroom breaks or stopping to get a drink breaks either. You and I are nurses, so we have bladders like camels. :laughing:


LOL. That’s pretty much my style.

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