Quiet tower rooms in contemporary?

We switched to CR for March trip. Which rooms in tower are quieter?

Generally anything higher up and on the opposite end from Chef Mickey’s is quieter.

As far away from Chef Mickey’s as possible.

The one time we stayed at the CR, I did not do a specific room request, just a higher floor and we had a room that was right above Chef Mickeys. It was fun looking down seven stories at the action. Got to see EMT’s twice wheeling a guest out on a stretcher.

I will say that when the room door was closed our room was quiet, but when you opened the room door, there was a stead roar from the crowd.

We just got back from the CR last week. I stayed there in 2018 as well. The noise level this time vs. last was astonishing. Don’t know when your trip is, but if the characters aren’t back at Chef Mickey’s yet, pretty much any room will be fine (would still request higher up). In 2018, the noise at night kept my then 2 year old awake at bedtime. This time it was eerily quiet by 7 or 8pm.

This was just from the restaurant? Didn’t realize it was that loud!

I’ve stayed in the opposite end and then recently on the upper CL floor (14th) which is closed / no atrium view. This is probably the quietest floor on the building as there are far less rooms (most are suites with a few regular CL rooms). I don’t think I ever saw or heard a single guest on that floor.

We were surprised how loud it was as well. It’s one of the reasons I started bringing a white noise machine on trips!

I think they were doing kid parties at the time with Woody and friends. So it was like a “big kid” thing with music and shouting and such. But think they used the CM space.

I guess it makes sense since the concourse is quite an echo chamber, I didn’t really think about it since I haven’t stayed in a room near it.

I’m pretty sensitive to noise and wake up easily, so I always have earplugs and I play white noise from my phone if needed