Quiet Room at Bay Lake Towers

I would like to use the Room Request feature to request a room at Bay Lake Tower for our first trip to Disney World next weekend! We have booked a 1-bedroom suite, Lake view. We are very light sleepers, so I am looking for a really quiet room, away from elevators and one of the higher floors. Any feedback on good/bad room choices? Or info on specific locations of elevators/ice machines and somewhere that would be particularly quiet? Or anywhere I could find a map of the hotel that would show elevators and ice machines?

Thanks so much for your help!

I haven’t stayed at BLT before so can’t really offer a suggestion but I will say when we’ve stayed deluxe in the past we’ve never had a noise issue. They are built very well.

BLT is very quiet overall.

The elevator banks are pretty well removed from even the closest rooms.

The only thing that might happen is the occasional loud group of people walking by your room, but that could happen anywhere.

The best thing to request would probably be rooms at the farthest ends of the hallways. That would minimize how many folks might walk by. No particular floor is noisier than another.

If you go to the touring plans room view feature, there are 2 dark rectangles representing the elevator banks at BLT.
BLT room views