Quiet area to nap at MK or Epcot?

5yo GS will probably be able to nap if I put him in a stroller and walk for a bit. That would save lots of time and trouble vs taking busses back and forth to room at ASMovies. But once he’s asleep, is there a quiet place where I can sit? I’m going to rent a stroller, so going to a nearby resort isn’t an option, is it? Any ideas?

The courtyard by Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland

American Adventure. Cool and dark!

Next to space mountain. When looking at Space, there is a small courtyard in the back to the right near a cast member entrance. The only downside would be train coming by every once and while. Other than that it is a nice quiet spot. My 2 year old also love to nap on the People Mover. He took a nap for over an hour on that last time we were there.

Will he nap whilst you walk the stroller or does it need to be still for him to sleep?

If he will nap whilst you walk around it would be a good time to walk around world showcase at epcot and take photos etc which would probably bore him anyway if he was awaks

In WS, behind the China pavilion, in the gardens at the back of the UK or Canada pavilions.

In MK, down the side street of Main Street; there are some chairs and tables down there (or used to be). Or tucked away next to: HoP, Rapunzel’s Tower, Sleepy Hollow, near Gaston’s Tavern. Or along the back path from TL (avoiding the smoking area).

I used to use TS Island as a quiet escape from the manic “hype” of the park itself. The boys could play and explore but just get a rest from the noise and bustle of MK. Or ride the train round MK a couple of times for the same effect.

Depending on how many days you will be there - you may do better by buying a nice stroller. Also the strollers (at least used to be) these big plastic nasty things. Look into either buying a stroller or renting one from a 3rd party (they will deliver to the resort).

There are nice places to rest all over the place. Some in / some out - but you can find nice quiet places all over the place and even in some areas of counter service restaurants.

So I was looking for executive lounges and found this - doesn’t specifically answer the question - but an interesting read - http://www.robyeodesign.com/blog/2016/3/21/future-worlds-s

As previous post mentioned, I would rent from a 3rd party place like Magic Strollers or Kingdom strollers. You can bring them everywhere you want so you don’t have to worry about leaving park etc. Which is good b/c my daughter always fell asleep on the way back to the hotel and then we just placed her in bed at night.

MK- Adventure land or I’ve heard of people hanging out for a while in the afternoon on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Epcot, I haven’t been, but we are going soon and every video I’ve seen it’s always really loud. Not sure how your GS is but my kids would wake up unless I was walking and the movement kept them asleep.

My concern about renting from a 3d party or bringing our own is that I’ll have to shlep it on the bus, and keep it with us even if he isn’t using it. But now that I’m doing more research, the Disney rental ones don’t look conducive to napping.

And it must be folded on the bus as well.

It really isn’t an issue on the bus. We had a nice heavy duty umbrella stroller and it worked out great. You will want it while waiting for the bus etc. Plus you don’t have to wait in line to get / return every day - plus you will know it is clean. Plus you are using it all over the park - what is a bit further to the bus.

Definitely agree with renting a stroller from a 3rd party. The molded plastic Disney ones don’t look very comfy, especially not for napping, whereas the 3rd party companies tend to have things like Baby Jogger City Mini where the LO can lay flat. According to DD (age 3.5) they are also super comfy, and the sunshade goes down really far which helps block out all the impressions when they are trying to nap. We have been extremely happy with Magic Strollers in the past. Last trip we used Kingdom Strollers since we got a good deal, but our stroller was in a very used condition with a few stains etc - nothing like the brand new-looking ones from Magic Strollers - so we’re going back to Magic Strollers for our October trip.

When DS was 2, he napped while we strolled around WS (we brought our own Britax stroller). The Japan and Morocco pavilions have quiet nooks (including some AC).

MK is trickier. Lots of folks condensed into a smaller space. I don’t think DS napped in the stroller anywhere there, except when we were upgrading to APs at Guest Services! :slightly_smiling_face:

Bear in mind you can’t take strollers across to TS Island though.

If you were looking for places to nap in Animal Kingdom, I’d have to refer you to the JJ and his Boston Family thread from TP chat, in which JJ apparently ditched his family and found a nice quiet spot for a snooze.


For MK- try the second floor of Columbia Harbor House. We’ve also had our then 4 year old nap in his stroller in a smaller room to the side of the main floor.
For Epcot, you can try the gardens area in Japan.

Thanks for all the great ideas! I’ve decided we’d be better off with a 3d party rental after all. And now I can schedule way more time in the parks because I can delete all the mid day trips back to the hotel!