QuickRewards Question

Does anyone here have any experience with QuickRewards? It is a site where you get paid for taking surveys, watching videos, etc.

You can have the money you earn transferred to you via PayPal, or you can select from a number of gift cards – including $25 Disney Gift Cards.

So far I’ve gotten two $25 GCs with one more on the way. It seems to be a pretty good deal so far, but I thought I’d run it by the Liners here to see if any have some opinions on it.

I did a search for it, but I didn’t see it come up in any conversations yet.

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No opinion but I’m going to check it out.

Is there a difference between Disneystore.com GC’s and a Disney GC or are they essentially the same thing?

Interesting- I do erewards for SW points so it seems like the same thing?

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I believe they are the same thing. With these GCs I have been adding them to my DVA with no problem.

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I had a disneystore.com gift card that I received as a gift. She meant to get me disney, but got disneystore and I was hoping I could use it on the website to buy a disney gift card to use at the park and I could not. So, they are different!! I just used it to order us some matching shirts for our trip.


That’s surprising. You would think they would be one and the same. Thanks for noting that there is a difference.

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