Quick trip... Report :)

Hi everyone… Back from a quickie one night mnsshp trip! We had a blast!
We were about an hour behind schedule (thanks I-4) but happy when we pulled up to the WL! First time staying there or in a deluxe for thr matter. Check in was a breeze. I did inquire about free water park tickets… I got a “look” from our cm then he said they would be added to our MB. Perfect!
Room 6050… Standard view, park lot and smoke house below but we were facing CR and could see space mt! I can only assume you could see fireworks from there.
Decided on the boat to party… Took 15 for it to arrive then they took us to ft wilderness even though it was the direct to mk boat. Took forever to get there. Bus next time.
Not too crowded getting in the party but with day people and party people around the walkways were congested. Grabbed some PH flatbreads for dinner. Had a great party. It was sold out and you could tell… People lining up for candy was crazy! We got a spot at 7:30 for parade in front of liberty tree. Place got packed up around 8! Get there early if you need to see first pArade!
Ds4 decided dumbo after parade so off to NFL we went. I’m sooooo happy we were over there for hallowishes! Stood in front of dumbo entrances… Could see back of castle. It wasn’t crowded and watched back there was amazing…
Don’t miss trick or treat path next to barnstormer! There are 3 stops and I filled my bag half way up! No lines just walking and candy!!
Did some more rides and trick or treated our way out through Tommorrowland terrace. Took the bus back… Waited 5 min an it took 4 to get back to WL.
Next morning up early with ds 8 months :frowning: haha… Grabbed coffee and sat outside. Quick serve has nice options but so tiny… Felt crowded at 7:00 can’t imagine at prime time. Walls around pool go around outdoor seating but they are not too loud working on pool. After coffee notice water park tickets not on mde… Went to front desk and it took them 15 to get us some. I feel like the check in cm didn’t even bother to get us tickets.
We got everything settled and decided on blizzard beach. Tickets on mde said blizzard or typhoon. Got to bb around 11:30… Not too crowded at all and really enjoyed our day. Tikes peak had a slide ds4 did about 20 times!!! There was a nice shade area up there too. Was impressed with lunch, grilled ck sandwich and fries were really yummy and fresh!
Sorry for long post but all in all we had a great trip!!! Sad it was so short but we will be back soon I hope!!!

Sounds like a wonderful trip! The Halloween party and water park combo would be so fun.

Thanks for the report! I will be sure to look around barnstormer for candy!

Oh and if you printed out your mnsshp from home… You have to enter party at the far right mickey tappers… There was a lot of confusion about that!

Is that true fron 4-7 too? Even if it is linked on MDE?

We got to the gates around 4:45 and I had my printed tickets “e tickets”… They scanned them and in we went… I had mine linked to my mde too… I’m guessing I could have gotten in with just mb but paper line was empty. Still had FPP…

Oh and forgot the top three non liner things I heard on my trip…

  1. People getting on boat to mk for mnsshp “I wonder what time the park closes tonight? Maybe 10?”
  2. People getting on iasw behind us… No party bands… They claimed to not have any idea about mnsshp … “What, we can’t ride?”
  3. Passing mickey/tink … Two girls… “What’s in there? Let’s go in and check it out”

Love people… Haha!

Great report! Thanks for sharing - sounds like you packed in a lot on your short trip! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!