Quick Trip Report from last week

Had a great time! Some highlights:

  • Contemporary Room - 10th Floor - Incredibles Room was great!
  • Disney Genie started the Tuesday we were there. Genie+ is a waste of money/time. I bought for 1 day and not worth it. I did buy a LL for Rise, but I had already decided that before we left. $15/pp instead of a 3 hour wait
  • All wait times were over inflated by 15-30 mins EXCEPT for HS.
  • Wait times were half of what was posted at EP and MK
  • Finally got to ride FOP - again, inflated wait time
  • Boo Bash was terrific! Got to ride all the rides, free ice cream, popcorn, drinks all night and of course, treat or treating!
  • Took a day to go to Volcano Bay at Universal - got a cabana and had a great day!
    The Virtual Queue for Remy’s needs work. Got up a 6:55 a.m. to get our spot, finally got in line at 3:10 and took 45 mins to get on the ride.

Can’t wait for our next trip!


Thanks for the heads up. We are there in mid November and are on the fence about Genie+.

Thanks for the tidbits! Did you feel like HS would have been a better use for Genie+?

How did your check-in that morning go? Were you there right at opening? Did you have Express Pass?

(I had a horrible customer service experience there in May, and I’m wondering if they made any changes since then. VB itself was fabulous.)

Check in was great and fast! Escorted directly to our cabana in about 5 mins. We did not get there are opening. We could have gotten there at 9 since we had a cabana, but we got there around 10:30 and spent the day. No express pass, we were not staying at Universal.

The last time we went a couple years ago (soon after they opened), our check in experience was much longer - about 30 mins. I think they have their act together now!

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I’m not sure. I think because we go a log to WDW we are familiar with the layout of the parks and what we want to do, so for us, no, I doubt Genie+ would have worked for us.

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