Quick Trip Report: Double Rope Drop, 4x FOP, TS EMM & the Dolphin! 6/9-12

I couldn’t open them either… disappointing.

I couldn’t either on my Iphone or My PC.

Oops- sorry about the pics! I’m not sure what happened- we’re on vacation on Hilton Head this week but i’ll try to check on it at some point . Sorry! Thanks for reading the report. Hope it was helpful!

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It was wonderful even without the pix, thanks!

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Thanks for letting me know- should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Of course! You have adorable kiddos and it looks like you three had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

Loved reading your report! My family also loved AK :grin:

Quick tip that could help anyone:
The Epcot Area Resorts (Except CBR) are all so close to each other and connected by walking paths, that taking a bus from a park to any of them will result in a short walk to your resort. So, if staying at Swolphin, you see a BW or BC bus loading, but the Swolphin bus is 15 min out, you might just wanna hop on the BW or BC bus.


I wanted to thank you again for your trip report and your responses to my questions. Your tips were game-changers for us while we were on vacation. Thanks for helping make our trip so magical!

You’re welcome!! glad it helped and that your trip was amazing!