Quick survey for Lines 2.0 UI for showing multiple options on a Plan Step

Right now, a Plan Step can have up to 3 icons - Start Timer, Complete Step, and Delete Step.

We’re about to add the ability to add/edit plan step notes, add reservation time & duration for attractions like Droid Depot, flexible time for steps like exploring a country pavilion, and adding lightning lane return times.

Obviously, we cant have a ton of icons and buttons all over the plan step, because it’ll look very crowded.

So right now, we have two options:

Option A, a panel that slides up from the bottom

Option B, a popover with each option (similar to how the “…” button works in Twitter’s app on each tweet)

I’m leaning towards B, but wanted to get a few additional opinions from other people who will also be using it.


Yes. B. (The forums don’t believe me!)


B, but also need to add an x button in case you tapped by mistake. I hate those slide up and down things. Sometimes it doesn’t work well with home buttons at the bottom, on screen.



It’s more intuitive than the swipe-up

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B. That’s a complete sentence.

B. I choose B. Suddenly the comment by @kerrilux makes so much sense.


Ok. So B looks like a clear winner.

Let’s do these 4 options now:

Option B, from above.

Option C (with attraction name)

Option D (no arrow, with name)

Option E (no screenshot, but this would be no arrow, no name, and I dont think anyone would choose this one)

C. Because I said so.


C. The arrow and name are convenient and makes things clearer.


(i mean that too but also because I said so)

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C. Finding how to post wait times has been a challenge for many people (there are usually multiple posts about it on chat daily).

Please add the name as in C or people will question if they are timing the right attraction.


Option C :+1:t2:

B. Then C.
I don’t think the heading is necessary, but if it is there, that’s fine, too.

Option C

Alright, thanks yall! Lots of good improvements coming out for Lines 2.0 pretty soon!


I vote for option B

I think arrow is better than name, don’t think you really need both (just that x close button for mistakes, people are afraid to hit back button, lol).
Edit: unless you can hit the more/ three dot button to close, in that case, it should be highlighted to show its an option

C is my pick!

I choose C

My assumption would be that you could tap anywhere else on the screen and the menu would go away.