Quick Star Wars Dessert Party Question

We have tickets for the Star Wars dessert party in a couple of weeks. My question is- do we need to make time to meet Chewie and BB8 and explore the Launch Bay some other time during that day? Or will we have time to do both of those character greets (and explore the Launch Bay) during the party itself?

Thank you!

While folks line up for good viewing spots launch bay sort of empties. You shouldn’t have a problem and still have plenty of time to enjoy the party offerings.


We did this in October 2018 and we had no problem enjoying the dessert offerings, doing the meet and greets and exploring launch bay. There was no wait for any of the character greets.

We’ve done the SW dessert party several times and have had no problems meeting characters during the party time. The lines were not that long–I’m guessing because people were at Fantasmic or staking out their spots for the fireworks.