Quick service restaurant hours and my touring plan

I’m having trouble with my Optimize button and my touring plan. It keeps putting me at PizzeRizzo at 10 AM, when, according to Disney’s website, it doesn’t open until 11. Shouldn’t the Touring Plans software know the restaurant hours to put that into consideration? I’m not sure the best path moving forward? I could move it in my steps, but that might not be the best plan as it might shift other steps around for the least amount of wait.

I think I figured out a good plan with just making the time 11 with only 10 minutes flexibility, but I still don’t get why the software didn’t take the hours into consideration.

When is this for? It may be that the TP software is anticipating the hours if it’s more than a few weeks out.

It’s for June 3. I don’t know if the hours will be changing or not?