Quick service meal question


It is our first time going to Disney and I was wondering if you buy a meal at a quick service, is a drink included or do you pay separately? We are NOT on the dining plan. Thank you in advance.


You pay separately.




Except for kids meals, those normally include a drink (if you will be taking kids)


And, one of my favorite ways to save money, is to order a cup of ice water. It’s free and better, for you, than pop.




I think that’s a great idea👍


It’s also great to know: can get iced water at any CS place even if not having a meal there. Saves lots of $ (those water bottles expensive at Disney) and the ice is nice on a hot day.


We brought our own sodas in to save the $3.29 per drink!


I will definitely be using that suggestion. Thanks!


I used to wonder why people would bring drinks, etc. to the parks but as we have been planning this trip I now understand. 3.99 for a large fountain drink…yikes! We will definitely have to bring a soda in if we think we might want one.