Quick service kid dining plan to snacks

Hi everyone,

I know that you can use a quickservice meal to get 3 snacks but can you do the same with the kid plan?

Also can you switch the quickservice meal to 3 snacks at lets say Starbucks?

Thanks all

There’s no differentiation between kids QS credits and adult QS credits. They’re all pooled together.

I’m not sure if you can do the switch at Starbuck specifically (I don’t know that you can’t either), but in general, yes, you can swap a QS meal for 3 snacks.

I believe you can only swap it at places that have both QS meals and snacks on sale. Starbucks does so should be fine, but just something to be aware of at other places.

We didn’t run into any problems swapping a as meal for snacks at the flower and garden kiosks. We didn’t try doing it at a permanent snack only location though.