Quick Service HS?

We will be hitting Woody’s Lunchbox for lunch but are there any good options for dinner? It mostly seems like chicken nuggets and pizza.

I like the chicken and waffles at Backlot. ABC is quite good these days I think.

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I liked the backlot too, but more for the Star Wars theming than for the food… :wink:

I didn’t think HS had particularly interesting QS food, to be honest.

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My kids loved Backlot–but my husband and I were unimpressed. We really enjoyed the cupcakes, though! They are so big that the five of us were able to split two with no problem.

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We enjoyed Backlot Express. The theming was cute and you can’t beat chicken and Darth Vader waffles! It’s mainly just the typical fast food type fare though.


If you have hoppers, I’d take the boat over to Epcot. Otherwise, I didn’t mind Fairfax Faire, though the menu changes up a lot. Maybe the HBD or Tune In lounges?

Rosie’s wasn’t bad when I was there. As a non meat eater I was excited about the fried green tomato sandwich

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