Quick Service Credits

Hi We are staying at POR and have Free Quick Service Dining. We are doing 6 TS meals OP so we will be left with some spare QS credits that we could use for Breakfast. When we stayed at POR in the past we ate Yoghurt Parfaits or Cereal. Can these be bought using the QS credits? TIA

Curious why you aren’t upgrading to full dining if you have so many TS planned? I know cereal can count but haven’t tried the parfait.


I agree that upgrading to regular dining may be cheaper than paying oop if you haven’t checked that out.

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…with Free Dining, POR should automatically come with regular dining, shouldn’t it? How did you get free QS at a moderate?

We are from the UK so the Free Dining offers are different for us. No FD for value, QS for moderate and sometimes DP for deluxe. We are there for 14 nights so the upgrade was £780 which is $1150 and the meals we are doing came out at $700 so it’s better to pay OP and have all 28 QS credits each. So the meals I can use the spare credits on are breakfast. @txketch that’s good to know about the cereals may just have to wait until we get there and ask about the yoghurt Parfaits! Thank you.

That makes sense! We have also used QS credits to stock up on late-night snacks. There are grab-and-go items such as sandwiches and salads that count as an entree and the mini cheesecakes are great at 3am after a late MK night. Also be sure to get a bottled drink with each quick service since its included… Another item that can be brought to parks or stocked in fridge.

Ahhh ok that makes more sense. Sorry I was just really confused haha