Quick Resort Decision. Help!

I’m generally a value resort kind of Disney traveler but I was able to get a great rate for a short trip over Wine and Dine weekend. It’ll just be me, my 7 year old Daughter, and my 9 year old son. The tentative plan is to do the 5K and then just hang out at the resort, Disney Springs, and maybe hit a waterpark. Since we’ll have more time at the resort than normal and the rates are good, I decided to splurge a little on the resort. Here are my options all for 3 nights with tax included…

Animal Kingdom Villas Studio 846.46
Saratoga Springs Delux Studio 738.45
Caribean Beach Pirates room 552.12

We’ve only stayed at a moderate once (Coronado) and kids loved the extra space and waterslide.
I’m afraid the rooms with the discount won’t last long, so I want to make a decision quick. The Wilderness is already out…

Thanks in Advance

For this trip, AKL would be my choice. Here’s why. The 5K is at Animal KIngdom so super close travel wise. AKL is the perfect choice for a relaxing resort stay. Enjoy the pools, the great restaurants, and viewing the animals. It will be well worth it!
Also we love CBR but the pirate rooms are very far away from the main pool and food court.

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Yes, definitely AK. I think it’s the ideal choice for a resort-focused stay. You can see the animals and the cultural presentations, eat delicious food, and enjoy the pool.

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Definitely AKL. For that cost bump, it’s worth indulging and AKL is breathtaking between the interior details plus having access to a zoo with the savannas.

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Never stayed there - but AK


If you can swing it AKL for sure we love it. Especially since you plan lots of resort time.

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Yup. AKL. This is a place that everyone should stay at at least once.

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Thanks for the advice! I grabbed the Animal Kingdom reservation. Thanks to the changes at the Wine and Dine it looks like I’ll be doing a 10K also! would love to try the half…but maybe next year. I’ve always wanted to try AKL but refused to pay 300-400 per nite. So excited!