Quick question about SWGE to people who have been there

Has anyone ever had any problem getting into SWGE because of crowd levels? I have a number of Oga’s booked with the intention of using them to “guarantee” access, but has that ever actually been necessary?

(As I’ve said elsewhere, I am not interested in ROTR this trip: this is just about getting in, looking round, riding MFSR, eating at Docking Bay, etc.)

no access problems or limitations today and it is CRAZY crowded


The only time they had issues was opening day. That was the only time they used the virtual queue for entry to the Land itself.

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Thanksgiving week I would have expected it to be more crowded in there. We went at night, around 7 pm. It was spacious! But this was Nov 26 so I’m sure more people are there now for ROTR. The day we were there my friend who went in around 1 pm did smugglers run in about a half hour with the single rider line.

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BTW the main reason I got an Ogas was for entry to the land but it wasn’t necessary.


@mousematt No ROTR for you? I figured you would be all over that! I hope you do a trip report. Would love to hear how everything goes.