Quick Question about Morning Magic and MaxPass

I’m sure this has been covered, but I did some searches and couldn’t find it.

If we enter DL for MM hours, are we able to immediately book a FP (via MaxPass) for sometime after regular park opening, or do we actually have to wait until park opening time to make the FP reservation?

Any suggestions for which attraction I should target (and when) for an 8 year old who wants to ride everything? :slight_smile:

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Yes, as soon as you are through the entrance you can make MaxPass reservations, but they do not start until actual opening (that is what happened for us 2 weeks ago, anyway). I got Indiana Jones first for us, then we did the Tomorrowland rides during MM as recommended by TP plus a couple in Fantasyland by opening. then went to Adventureland, snagging BTMR when our Indiana Jones window opened. TP had recommended going to SWGE and doing MF-SR which I was worried about because of the hordes of people headed that way, but I think it would have been better to do that since the waits were less just after opening than by the time we did it in the early afternoon.


Thank you, that’s extremely helpful!

Good to learn. I assume that only works for the park that is open early. I have to learn all of these tricks.

Quick followup:

I have seen lots of articles and screenshots of the MaxPass FP options – when a ride comes up as available, are you offered multiple time slots for particular rides (i.e., several different time windows to choose from), or is it a take it or leave it for a ride at a particular time?

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I believe – but I may have been looking at the app wrong since I was new to it! – that for each ride available there was just one time offered (though I always got multiple rides offered). In that way it is more like the paper FP, which just spits out the available time at the moment, I guess.

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It’s all take it or leave it. Occasionally, if someone cancels a MaxPass in advance of their window, you’ll be able to see an earlier time than what’s available but any of those go quickly & you need to be eligible to pull a FP at that time. If you aren’t eligible and you act quickly enough you can cancel whatever latest selection is preventing you from being eligible & then go back & grab the earlier time you saw. But if you’re used to WDW’s modify trick, it seems like an extra unnecessary step.

My experience with MaxPass is limited, but on our first try of it we were at DCA at night & looking for a Big Thunder FP for DL but it was more than hour out & I didn’t know how late the kids would be up for it so I didn’t grab it. I checked again 15 or so min. later & lo & behold there was Big Thunder availability for just 15 min. in the future so I nabbed them. I’ve heard others report that they see it as well, but it would require frequent checking of the app to stay on top of what’s being currently distributed for what times.

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I did quite often see earlier ones pop up when I would check – I guessed that as guests were cancelling or changing they became available. This is a great reminder – I forgot to note it so thanks! – to check to see if better or earlier times show up.

In a somewhat related question, I will be staying at the Grand Cali for 2 nights in April. The plan is to do 3 park days, can I take advantage of the MM on arrival day even if I have not checked in yet?

I think the issue will be that you need to show your room key to get in – couldn’t you do early check in to get the key?

I dunno, how early is early check in?

They will let you check in as early as you like that morning – you just will not be able to get into your room. But they give you a key – it just is not activated for your actual room until you get the text notification. So if you were up for it, you could get to the hotel an hour before early entry, check in, get your room keys, leave your bags with the bell desk, and get to the whichever park had Magic Morning that day.

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Really? That is awesome. We are staying close to my son about 45 mins away the night before. Now I just need to convince DW to get up a little early. Not sure if that will fly but worth a try. Thanks for the help


It works for either park i.e.; If i enter DL for mm, I can now get FP via MP for RSR at DCA. The FP window will not begin until regular park opening though.