Quick question about layout and lockers

2 quick things:
1: When I enter USF and IOA, it seems the WWoHP is always toward the back. How is the crowd control in Universal? I plan on beelining to WWoHP at opening in whatever park doesn’t have early entry each of the two days, and I am wondering if people run or stampede or anything, or if with a little hustle we’ll make it without being trampled.

2: Can I wear a fanny pack/waist bag on Forbidden Journey? I know they don’t allow ANY bags at all or even phones, but did read that if it was attached to your body, they didn’t make you put it in a locker.

  1. When we were there, we found it smart to head to WWOHP first thing. Crowds don’t generally pick up until around noon because MOST people are just doing things in the order they come and eventually make it back there. For those who are focused on hitting HP first, I don’t recall there being much in the way of runners or anything. We were always there at opening (not early entry) and just walked there with purpose, but not necessarily rushed. But we were also there during a slow week. (CLs from 2 to 4.)

  2. Yes, if it doesn’t interfere. But lockers are available for free as you enter the queue area, so if you aren’t sure, just ask an employee and they can confirm. While using the lockers is a little annoying, it isn’t TOO annoying because they are conveniently placed and, as I mentioned, free. Having said that, I have been on Forbidden journey with a waist pack.

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Thanks, @ryan1.
I like beelining to the stuff that is the highest priority first. To me, that’s seeing WWoHP, even if it means I have to physically drag my daughter past Seuss Landing, which she will love.

Well, yes. It is cool just to walk through, though…builds excitement to return there later (after HP).

BUT, if it is a concern, you could always head to WWOHP by heading left upon entry instead of right. It is a much longer walk, but bypasses Seuss entirely. :wink:

When taking the path to WWOHP, as you pass through Seuss land, I suggest staying close to the water to not only shorten your walk, but to give the least amount of temptation to your daughter. (See the path in red, encircled in blue.)


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That is a very high tech map you have there. :joy:
Will do. The shorter the path, the better.

Oh, and one more advantage of going that path along the water is you get to see the Zax. And, for those who care to know, the Zax is my favorite Dr. Seuss story of all time, with implications to today’s political/social climate as much today as it did when Seuss wrote it.


I wear a small fanny pack every time I go to Universal, and have always been able to wear it on Forbidden Journey. The lockers over there can tend to be a total disaster because instead of sending one person to use the locker, I have seen entire families, including children sitting on the floor playing on cell phones, in the area taking up space.


It was cool enough for light jackets this week so I carried what we needed in the zippered pockets. I thought the locker situation sounded annoying. That being said as long as the pack is under your clothing you should be fine. We went at early opening and although the main entrance was crowded the walk over to WWOHP was fine.