Quick Q: "Day of" Party Tickets

Has anyone successfully purchased Day of tickets for MNSSHP via phone or is it known to only be available in person at MK Guest services? I can’t be there that morning in person but I understand guest services sometimes has extras. I don’t mind waiting on the call line at 7am.

The only times MNSSHP tickets have been available this year were dates immediately after the hurricane. People had to cancel trips and Disney allowed them to cancel those tickets. I don’t think that is still happening?

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Well, that would be a bummer, but oh well, I got a surprise trip to Orlando coming up on a weekday and wanted to see if I could squeeze it in, obviously had no idea I would be there ahead of time. I really thought I’ve heard people still buying 1 or 2 “day of” tickets this year, but its pretty limited based on cancellations or extras they held aside.