Quick poll: Tiffins or Citricos

AK closes at 8pm. I have a Tiffins ADR for 7.55pm. It’s right there. After dinner, maybe some magical quiet time on the way out? TOL lit up all pretty? I’ve been to Tiffins before. I’ve had great meals and OK meals. I don’t like the essentially windowless dining rooms.

Somehow I also have a Citrico’s ADR at 8.30pm. I love visiting GF and I’ve never been to Citrico’s. MK closes at 11pm: perhaps enough time for a magical end to the night. (MK has extended hours till 1am. What checks to they make if I just wander round?)

Based on your experience of the food, which would you pick?

  • Tiffins
  • Citricos

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Tiffins was good. But just good not great.

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I’ve never been to citricos, so I can’t answer that question based on my experience with the food. However, I think you should branch out and try something new. I’ll bet the view is stunning, and some extra time in MK would be magical.

To even get in once closed to the public you’d have to have the Deluxe resort. I know you’d be scanned at any rides. I’ve seen mixed reports about going into shops.

He would surely be in before it closes at 11 with an 8.30 dinner?

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Probably? But it depends on if they’re running on time with seating. The later into seating it is, the more possibility of them running late as people dawdle over their meals.

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Yes that’s true.

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It’s just something to consider.

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I cannot vote. I think since it opened I have been to Tiffins more than any other restaurant. I will be returning next month BUT the menu looks pretty limited these days.

I went to Citricos in September. I walked out of the restaurant almost three hours after my ADR time (8:30pm). I was not seated until after 9:00. I preferred the appetizers and the desserts to ost if the entrees at Citricos.

I always have enjoued the appetizers and entrees at Tiffins.

Oh wow! Now I feel bad for voting Cítricos!

I assume you mean that you left after having finished your meal. Rather than leaving in a rage.

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Yup- I physically left the restaurant after my meal. From check in to exit 2 hours, 55 minutes.

Wow. That’s a very long time for a meal.

Yes, others have not had to wait so long to be seated and we did have appetizers, entrees, and dessert but it can take that long.

I do generally plan 2 hours at a signature restaurant.

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Are people eating at Tiffins etc the only people who get to see nighttime ToL these days? That almost seems worth it on its own to me. Wish you could make it to Pandora at night as well.


I hate to say it but I swear I read a report that the ToL is not lit after close if it was not lit before close.


The thought occurred to me. That sounds so depressing.


That was my experience last month and yes, @Jeff_AZ it was depressing. Granted I did not go to Pandora, but starting around 7pm the park had that “store’s closing, please take all purchases to the front registers” feeling to me. It was not very magical.


It’s always lit. But there are no animations.

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Wait they literally turned the tree OFF?

I’ve literally never seen that. Even on nights without animations the tree has always stayed lit after official close

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