Quick Magical Express Question

I can’t remember - but if your flight time changes, do you have to somehow update it on MDE to amend your reservation on Magical Express? I can see where to enter the new estimated arrival time for the resort, but not the bus, and I can’t remember if I entered my flight times when first booked. TY! :smile:

Good question. Every time my flights changed, even enroute to WDW, I called DME and let them know. I keep their phone number in my contacts for that very reason.

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as long as the flight number hasn’t changed, you should need to update anything. HOWEVER, DME often gets things mixed up and messed up. So it’s generally a good practice to confirm everything a couple days ahead of time anyway.

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@NeedaTurkeyLeg - Would you still happen to have that phone number for DME saved? I am having a little trouble trying to locate it on the WDW Web site.

@RobertSch6 the number I have is (407) 939-1936

Thank you much, @NeedaTurkeyLeg!

Thank you!

Anytime!! We have to stick together because the outside world doesn’t understand us. A coworker and I were discussing Disney today and a third party joined in until he discovered we were talking about WDW. He snorted and walked away.

More Mouse for us!!!


Everyone is so darn helpful here :smile:


Thanks for the number I was looking for it. Was able to rebook leaving 2 hours later BUT arriving 1 hour earlier. Gotta love nonstop. Wo woo

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Glad to help! :smile:

I tried the number given, but it took me to the main Disney menu. However, I found this number online that connected me directly to Disney Magical Express: (866) 599-0951. Hope that is helpful to others! :smile:

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Thanks for the update on the number of DME, @markfhagewood . :bus:

Just wanted to throw in my thanks, especially since I was the one who passed along bad info! :sob:

Hey @NeedaTurkeyLeg your info wasn’t bad, just took the long way around. I certainly appreciated it when I needed the info so thank you and thanks too to @markfhagewood for the update. Ok that would have sounded more fun by calling it “the scenic route” lol

Not bad info at all, @NeedaTurkeyLeg ! Just with all the BOG ADR craziness yesterday, there was a long wait through the main line. I have certainly learned so much from your posts here and on chat and I am just honored to contribute a little to this wonderful community!

Or a scavenger hunt!