Quick link to list of updated FPP tiers?

Does anyone have a link to a quick and easy list of FPP tiers, incorporating the changes that are coming for HS with SWGE?

I thought I’d saved one on Pinterest but everything seems to be split out into park specific lists. You have a blog, right? You should put it there (with a nice Pinterest-friendly graphic) and win the internet.

Yeah I’m finding there isn’t one concise location where there is a full list that is maintained. I’m needing to update mine (for my blog, actually!) and I’m finding it’s just been easier - as cumbersome as it is - to go page by page.

I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a handy dandy list like this right here on touringplans…a

This one is up to date, except for DHS upcoming changes:


And this is the DHS tiers:

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Rats - cant see without joining/logging in

OK, I’ll see what I can do!


Ahh, see this is the issue I keep running into - this is not completely updated – Animation Experience is not listed under Tier 2 for AK. Illuminations will be going away for guests whos 60day window opens next week, and HS is not updated for post 8/29.

Le sigh.

Yeah, I think the DHS ones he’ll update when they come into play. It’s a poster who’s created it, not the site owner.

The link above to DHS is correct though.

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I just took the info from mousehacking.com and made a Google doc table, it has Animation Experience and notes closure of Illuminations. The Mickey head is from here and I think copyright free.

Feel free to use/edit/whatever. :grinning:


So here’s the updated version of the tiers, as it applies to anyone now booking. He updates it as it applies to the 30 day window. I asked him to add in the AK drawing event too.