Quick! Last minute trip advice

Crazy to travel without a plan, but DH going to LA for a business trip this weekend. He is free tomorrow night and thinking of going to DL to check it out.

He will arrive after 5 pm, and probably just buy a discounted evening ticket for Disneyland (open till midnight).

What can he expect for evening crowds, what are some “must dos” and any yummy food recommendations?

Thanks! Will start researching like a madwoman when I get home tonight!:slight_smile:

Hi jilliusc! From what I have been hearing from the other liners that are in park all the time the weekends have actually been less crowded! I always say check out pirates, matterhorn, splash mountain, Haunted Mansion, fireworks and maybe fantasmic! too. Also can never go without that Disneyland churro!! know the regular rave about the plaza inn for food… As you can see there is hardly anyone over here from the DLR side but if you go to the disneyland chat I’m sure you’ll get a lot more answers for the yummy foods etc… Everyone there always so nice and friendly…Tons of great tips too.

Thanks @93111tink! Just need a few recommendations. I think I have to pay to join the DLR chat, so I will save that for a full family trip

Do they still have the evening tickets for DL? Last I saw, those were only available for certain groups (convention tickets, race tickets, etc.)

Hmm. I will have to check my husband’s source. He is traveling out tonight for a convention, maybe that’s how??

That might be it! I know many conventions will have those tickets. They’re a pretty good deal, too, for one park.

He might even want to try California adventure just to check out carsland!!

Saturdays have been slower than the other days, but evenings are generally much busier in the evenings at DLR (locals stop by after morning/day activities over). From what @tink is saying it seems you’re a WDW vet. If so have him check out attractions different/unique to DLR. That would include Carsland, Indy, PoC (much better), Space, Matterhorn (affectionately called Batterhorn) if he doesn’t have back/neck issues, CS… If you want a more complete list ask. For food the CS is really good at DLR, just wouldn’t recommend Mexican food at Zocala. DLR is very easy to do without planning.

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I love the fried chicken at the Plaza right on the hub.


@moorparknay15 might have some recommendations.

Get park hoppers if he can. He can do single riders Radiator Racers, CA Screamin, Goofys sky school, Grizzly River, Matterhorn, Indy, Splash. Plaza Inn fried chicken, little Red Wagon corn dogs.

Hope DH had a great time!

Thanks for the advice. He ended up seeing some Hollywood sights because it didn’t feel “right” without the rest of the family. Hopefully, we will all get to visit one day.
His conference will be in Orlando next summer, so you can bet we will be there with him!!