Quick large party dining question

So, thanks in advance for help. Some of you have seen my posts but we have a party of 14 heading down in March. Got all the dining worked out to a tee. I know I’m not making this up but the very first Rez I made I needed some help with so I called Disney Dining. It was for the Boathouse and they couldn’t seat 8 and 6 so we had to do three tables. When I called, I got a super awesome CM who knew plenty. He got things fixed and then said he would go ahead and put in notes so that the restaurant would know we had those three tables and they could prep to seat us close together if possible. He then told me to call back and do the same thing when I had my other reservations done. This was a week ago. Well, I’ve called Disney Dining twice and they act like I’m speaking a foreign language. They said I would have to do that when I check in with the host/hostess. And they say they don’t see notes, just reservations. Again, I know this first CM even added notes about special birthdays etc… So, have I misunderstood? Or do I just need to get the right CM? Typically, the latter is the case in our experiences. I would love to give a heads up in advance. And the original CM said I could even call and do this 1 day in advance of my res. So I know I’m not dreaming it up.

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I would call the day before, as your original CM said.

The main things is that your ADRs show up in MDE.

With that done, make a note to call day before.

It’s not possible to have many ducks in a row.

As the guy said, no plan survives first encounter.

Prepare to be flexible rather than prepare for all contingencies.

It’ll be fine and y’all will make great memories. :+1::wink::sunglasses:
One way or another. :thinking:

Just kidding :blush: