Quick FPP report

I know there have been MANY issues booking FPP at 60 days, so I thought I would give a quick report of my FPP day this weekend.

Sunday, July 29th was my FPP. We live in California, so that meant that FPP were opening at 4am for us. Because it was a Sunday, I decided to put an alarm for 3:50am and go for it. My boyfriend thought that was a little silly, but said he was gonna wake up at the same time to provide moral support.

A couple of weeks before, I had made the list of the FPP I wanted, date and time, as well as the order I should book them.
FOP, 60+3
SDD, 60+4,
FEA, 60+2
7DMT, 60+5
And then go back and fill up each day.

When I logged in at 4am, I kept getting the error message: Distribution has ended for all days today. Tried my tablet, incognito, still that error message. My boyfriend logged into his MDE and saw the same error message. At some point, I could book for 60+2, so I tried that.

Finally, my boyfriend got access to all the days. Using my list, he was able to get FOP, SDD and FEA without any problems! FOP was 1:40pm, which was a little later that I liked but I kept it. SDD earliest FPP was 2pm, so we took it. As of interest: as of yesterday, there were still SDD FPP available for 60+4, but Tower of Terror and RorRC was out of FPP! That was very surprising. It could be a glitch, but I feel that everybody is picking one of the three TSL FPP, but everyone pick ToT and RorRC for their 2nd and 3rd FPP.

In the end, I got everything I wanted, pretty much at the time I wanted (FOP and SDD were about 3 hours later than I liked. I would particularly like to do FOP before lunch as it makes me sick, but I will keep on checking and modifying).

My favorite part was that my boyfriend was actually participating and trying. He got caught in the moment of trying to get hard to find FPP. Pure Disney Magic!


As of now, there are no SDD, ToT and RoR left for my day.
FOP FPP left were at 6:50pm. Those days are predicted to be CL4 for both AK and HS.

I had similiar issues this morning. For 60+1 I wasn’t able to snag any FOP - had to get Na’vi and at 60+2 SDD was completely gone - was able to get Alien Swirling Saucers (decided not to abbreviate that one :slight_smile: ) Was able to get a FOP for 60+3 for 10AM at least. Going to keep hawking I guess to see if anything opens up. Do we think there’s any chance this is a glitch or are they really all gone?

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My FPP day was the 25th and it was UGLY all morning. SDD I wanted early on 60+5 but only got 6:40PM. I think they really are gone but they could release more I guess; so I keep checking/trying to Modify; However something must be going on because it’s showing no fastpass availability for Muppets 3-D on a CL3 day - THAT has to be wrong

I think they are all gone, but people change their FPP so many times I think you will be able to find them!

Somewhere in the UG, there is a table showing that FPP run out faster on a low crowd day than on a super busy day. But Muppets being all gone sounds really weird… but that would be my pick if ToT and RoR were gone!

That’s what is blowing my mind ToT and RnR still have Fastpasses that day, but no more Muppets. Yea I can see slower days having fewer FastPasses available

I would find it more believable that they released zero FP for Muppets than that they “sold out”. Frankly I don’t think there’s any reason to grab a FP for Muppets - definitely worth doing, but given it’s a show there’s just no gain from a FP.

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I agree - and I think I just figured out what’s going on. I DO have a “throw-away” for Muppets (I don’t do RNR or Tot anymore - embarrassed to admit) so that’s why it is showing no more times available (FOR ME that is) because you can’t have 2 fastpasses pre-reserved for the same experience. Okay, now I get it


I totally did that for Space Mountain. I could not believr they were sold out at 60+5, then realised my boyfriend had already booked it for that day.

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When I booked my SDD at 60+5 I originally got 12:30, managed to move it up to 11:15 after about a week of trying to modify - my HS day is CL 3 on an EMH day, so that probably made it a bit easier.
I always keep trying!

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Good to hear. I will keep on modifying! We are lunching at HBD with an Imagineer that day and don’t know how I will feel about riding SDD so close to such a big lunch!

I have been really lucky with modifying - however I will admit to being slightly obsessive about it and dedicating what some people might consider an excessive amount of time to it LOL

Everytime my bf sees me on the Disney website, he goes: how many fpp did you modify already? So far, I did not modify anything, because what we got was so good already!

But still hoping for ealier FOP and SDD.

My FPP today was this morning and it was the worst experience I have ever had! While i never saw the Stitch screen of death, I did get the “fast passes have already been alloted for all parks” screen several times, which I knew was just crazy. I tried on my computer, iPad, and phone and kept getting kicked off or getting the no fast passes available message. Finally at about 6:15am CST, things seemed to level out some. However, availability was an issue. Based on the low crowd levels in late September/early October, I really expected it to go smoothly, but fast passes for both Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios top attractions were really picked through for the mornings. Even at 60+3, I was only able to get SDD at 4:30pm which was a big bummer. I feel like I need to rework two of my three days but keep going back and forth as to how to “fix” things. UGH! I’ve never encountered this problem of availability before and I’ve attended at Thanksgiving and New Years! What is going on?!?

That’s the error message I got again and again.

But low crowd days have less FPP available than busy days.

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I think it must be the slower time/lower crowd levels; maybe fewer fastpasses available. I tried SDD at 60+5 and all they had left was after 7 pm. All in all I did okay; but I was sure I would have no problems getting SDD at 60 + 5 earlier in the day. Like everybody else says - just keep swimming err modifying

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