Quick FP question

I’m sure this has been covered, but I wasn’t sure what search terms to use to find the answer.

We are planning a last minute trip to WDW, and are already well past even the 30 day time for FP+ so availability is a bit more limited than I’m used to. And, the tiers at DHS have thrown me off.

My question is this: I realize I cannot book 1 FP in DHS and then make 2 more in other parks in advance. But what about if I only book 1 FP in advance for Aerosmith, for example, and then want to go to Epcot after that. If I have left the other 2 spots open, am I able to start booking Epcot FP’s once I scan in at Aerosmith, or am I forced to use 3 FPs at DHS before I can start booking at another park.

Ordinarily, this would be a silly question b/c I would just book other attractions before Aerosmith whether I wanted them or not, but in this case, the Aerosmith window is such that I can’t really do that, and we’d be completely fine just riding Aerosmith and maybe standby ToT and then moving on to Epcot.

Thanks in advance.

Yes! It is something I often do when starting at EP. you can book RnR and when you scan in you can book a tier 1 and a tier 2 at EP.


Thanks so much!