Quick diner: Park vs resort restaurants

Hi! I just finished my touring plans for this August and since I planned long breaks around noon, I was wondering, time and food wise, if going to lunch on resorts restaurants is better? Except at Epcot of course?

The resorts are likely to be quieter. Where are you staying?

I guess it depends if you have a reasonable choice near by, and also what time you would want to eat. If you had a very early start, you may want to eat earlier.

If you’re planning to leave a park around that time anyway, then probably. At least if it’s at your resort or on the way to it. If the break is just for lunch though, it could end up longer than you plan by the time you leave and come back?

We are staying at the Pop. We will be at MK on a Halloween day, but not attending. Since we will come back the next day, we might skip the parades etc… and leave after having done attractions in FL and TL, at around 1:00 pm. I was thinking cosmic ray vs Contempo café? And back to pop after for a nap and full evening at HS until 12:30 am.

I would pick Contempo over Cosmic Rays.