Questions - transportation, Hollywood Studios, etc

I have a few questions as I build our plans:

The bus transportation times being available on the MDE app is new since our last visit. Does that work well? We’d like to use the bus as much as possible, but we’re open to using Uber or Lyft to save time particularly on early mornings or when returning to a park after our midday break. My goal would be to keep transportation time to 30 minutes or less. Does the new technology allow decision- making on the fly? If, for example, we see a bus scheduled to arrive in 5-10 minutes we will wait for the bus, otherwise we will order an Uber. Is this realistic?

Also, I’m working on our HS plans and struggling to efficiently fit in the shows. My current plan has us doing Frozen at 11:30 and Indiana Jones at 12 pm. Since Frozen is 25 minutes, we’d have 5 minutes to get to Indiana Jones. Is this doable? We can walk pretty quickly but I remember when we were there 3 years ago we arrived to Indiana Jones 1 minute before the start time and were turned away because it was full. Crowd level right now is predicted to be 3, and there’s more to do at HS this year than 3 years ago, so I’m hoping it won’t fill up? Is that realistic?

We’re staying at Pop in case that makes a difference to the bus question.


I would not count 100% on the app from your room. We used it last August at Pop and it was helpful. The problem can be is if there is more than one bus load and ECV’s can add a lot of time.

I would not think Indiana Jones would fill up on a 3 but if prior shows are cancelled due to weather it is more likely.