Questions regarding tent camping at FW

Ok, for our trip in Feb. we have reservations at POR but I’m thinking ahead to another trip… :blush:

We tent camp and have all our gear and everything, and the only thing that I am wondering about is the critters in Florida. What kind of snakes, reptiles and such would we have to be concerned about while camping there? I am terrified of snakes, the only good snake is a dead snake. Sorry to all snake lovers but eeewww! And I was just reading the lines chat yesterday and seen the posts about gators in the water ways which didn’t really surprise me but then I got to thinking about the tent camping and gators.

Any insight on the critter concerns?

tagging @Armadillo_Alert. She is our resident FW expert. Or at least the one I call on for everything FW and campgrounds. :smile:

I have camped many times at FW… although never in a tent. The only critters I have ever seen are small lizards. I think all the activity at the campground probably keeps the critters at bay.

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Hello! Our stays at the campground usually fall somewhere between Christmas and Easter. I can’t vouch for any other time of the year.

Critters I see on a regular basis: small lizards, squirrels, ducks, small birds
Critters I see occasionally: armadillos, chickens, peacocks (there used to be a small flock of peacocks near the Settlement), small garter snake (only a couple of times), deer, turtles
Critters I’m not sure I have ever seen while inside the campground: Gator, snake, possum

Thanks everyone for your insights. I can deal with those types of critters. Pretty normal for camping, yes even the peacocks, they are actually a popular thing for some campgrounds to keep around. We also usually have the opossum and lots of deer and raccoons too.

I just wasn’t sure if there were alerts for anything dangerous (ie poisonous snakes or hungry gators etc.) Like camping in some places that we have been that have mountain lions, bears and rattle snakes in the parks. So I wanted to check into it before I got too excited about a new way to go to WDW that we might be able to do more than every 6 years. :grinning:

Thanks again!!

If you are on chat, too, @B-squared posted a thread yesterday morning about packing for tent camping at Ft Wilderness and the supplies needed. I’ll bump it for you.

Thanks, I’m following that thread, that’s what got me thinking about camping down there. I had seen that thread and then the thread about the gators that people were seeing and that’s what got me thinking about what kind of critters might be there different than what we are use to dealing with. :grinning: